About Mourningdove Cattery

Mourningdove Farm is located in a small but renowned town bordering U.S.A. and Canada. Our beautiful and beloved Ragdolls have taken over our home and hearts as well!

 The entire second floor is dedicated to their comfort and select lifestyle. They may be seen at regular intervals, with their precious little faces, bird watching and just enjoying the morning or evening sunrise or sunset! Immediately across the hall from the nursery is the mistress of Mourningdove, who diligently watches her moms dads and babies! Of course, they are all known to spend a great deal of time in the master bedroom being loved, hugged and cuddled! The first floor is arranged to accommodate the respective changes and phases in the maturing of our Ragdolls! When prospective "parents" arrive to view our cats and kittens we have arranged for viewing and handling in their normal environment! They have been known to sleep through a visit or, if it is not nap time, to amuse and amaze the clients! There is never a dull moment! 

You are more than welcome to have joined us on our tour through our home and we are grateful to you for sharing our thoughts and the delight that is ours and yours when we visit with you! May your day and life be filled with much joy and of course, a Ragdoll of your choice

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 Mourningdove Ragdolls
Pat Weintraub

Located in North West New York State



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