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Our Ragdoll Cats

Mourningdove Willie Wonderful

blue bicolor Ragdoll cat

 Willie is a blue bicolor Ragdoll

CCA Grand Champion Mourningdove Wilbur

Wilber is a blue point bicolor Ragdoll male. He is the father of Willie Wonderful, and Robert Redford...

blue point bicolor Ragdoll cat male

Mourningdove Alex

Mourningdove Alex is a seal point mitted male.

Rags2Riches Scottie

Scottie is a blue lynx point  Ragdoll.

Mourningdove Tuscany

Tuscany is a big boy with a beautiful coat, great attitude and deep blue eyes. He loves to be with people and has many feline friends as well.


Tuscany is a cream point mitted Ragdoll. He is 14 months old in these photos.

Mourningdove Padraigue

Padraigue is a cream bicolor Ragdoll

cream point bicolor Ragdoll cat

Mourningdove Zhivago (aka Willoughby)

Here is my beautiful Zhivago (also known as Willoughby) He has such deep blue eyes and the girls just love his gentle ways and "from the heart" expression!

Willoughby is a blue point mitted Ragdoll



Mourningdove Almost Always

Almost Always is a seal point bicolor who is absolutely exquisite.  The contrast between the seal and white and those eyes, (oh those eyes!!) is breathtaking!

Mourningdove Shopgirl

This is Mourningdove Shopgirl! She is a blue cream tortie female and she is very much like her namesake Meg Ryan in the movie "You've got Mail" She is my cuddler and is as soft and gentle as a "breeze"! I am inclined to refer to her as "My Beloved" because of the special relationship that exists between the two of us. I have even been known to try to teach her to "wink" !

Rags2riches Amy Nicole

seal lynx point bicolor Ragdoll cat

Amy Nicole is a seal lynx point bicolor Ragdoll female.

This is one of my favorite breeder females. She was a treasure to Scottie and also to me. Just as "round" as she is sweet and gentle and loves everyone and everything...but is the Queen and demands respect.

Mourningdove Margaret O'Leary

Margaret is a seal tortie point mitted Ragdoll

seal tortie point mitted Ragdoll cat

Tuftytoes Molly

seal tortie point Ragdoll cat Molly is a seal tortie point Ragdoll

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 Mourningdove Ragdolls
Pat Weintraub

Located in North West New York State


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