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Mourningdove Kittens!!

Available now:

 Seal point mitted 
born 10-17-2002

blue lynx
point bicolor
 born 9-7-2002



We have kittens available! This is a seal mitted kitten that just went home:

This is Mourningdove Macy Blue! She is a blue lynx bicolor female, five month old kitten, proudly owned and dearly loved by Mary Heath of Martinez, Georgia. Macy and her friends, Snickers, a seal mitted male Ragdoll, and two Shelties, Christian and Dakota, spend their days frolicking with one another under the watchful eye of their devoted mom, Mary!


This is Mourningdove Avery and her pal Flipper.
She just loves that feather and gives it to Flipper all of the time! He is a lab show dog who has many titles but is also a "special" pet! Erin and Judd Moody are the owners of Mourningdove Avery. They are are in love with the Ragdoll as well as their labs!


Margaret O'Leary had four boys and three girls.
They have all gone home now but we have more!!!



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 Mourningdove Ragdolls
Pat Weintraub

Located in North West New York State


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