The Ragdoll Cat...

is a very loving and beautiful cat. Due to the way they have been bred. They are extremely gentle and have sweet dispositions They do not use their claws when playing and this adds to their being able to suit any environment and adjust so well to children and other animals. We have been known to teach our very talented kitties to shake hands and of course they love to play fetch! The Ragdoll is a very slow maturing cat and does not reach full growth until three to four years old. Altered males may reach twenty to twenty five pounds and females about five pounds less. Their coats are plush and soft to the touch, medium to long, and have very little matting! All Ragdolls have blue eyes! They were named "Ragdolls" because of their tendency to relax when they are held!

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 Mourningdove Ragdolls
Pat Weintraub

Located in North West New York State


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